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We Are The Experts of Aluminum Working
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Brand new deep muscle trainer
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2012.2/2`4 OTA INDUSTRIAL FAIR 2011iOta Industrial Plazaohnj
2011.4.21 ArmTWISTA was aired on TV "WORLD BUSINESS SATELLITE"
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@Train by twisting iti2011.04.21j
AToretama BlogFTrain by twisting iti2011.04.21j
ArmTWISTA is@now available in new colors
Let's train your deep muscle with "ArmTWISTA" !

Catching a target safely and easily with "CaptorEX"

We recommend to use Captor-X with
"DieHardES", Japanese Man-catcher

The best technology in aluminum processing.
But not only aluminum,
we also good at other materials as well.
Our processing covers the wide range from
press, sheet metal, machine cutting, grinding,
to the product assembly including printing .
See the company guidance of SANRIKI..

The original products of the shop"Eclipse"
where the stuff loves to work with aluminum,
are a little different from ordinary products.
Knowing that you value indivisuality,
they are products we want just you to have.
Accessories made from actual propellers.
Unique CD frames. Extensible batons.
and other aluminum good.

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