Cutting and Grinding by SANRIKI Corp.
With our 15 NC lathes, 3 machine centers, and 4 lapping polishing machines,
we have the equipment for plane grinding, broaching, milling, face lathing, ordinary lathing, and bar processing.
We can quickly handle a wide range of jobs, from single-product prototype fabrication to mass production.
The main material is aluminum, but we also do cutting of resin, not just metal such as iron, titanium, and stainless steel.
With regard to size as well, we also do processing from shaft processing of 1mm(0.04") diameter to processing of disks 1000mm(40") in diameter and sheet metal exceeding 2000mm.
With regard to aluminum, we are especially good at cutting of products for which flatness and mirror finish are required. Consult with us about anything, wether thick or thin,big or small.
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