Want to have a clock or keyholders made using
something you fondly remember?
Of course, it will be an original that belongs to you alone.
It will always be a casual, unspoken part of you. We will help you with such an excellent product. Leave it to Eclipse.
Would you like to hace your own memento, a clock or keyholders that uses a part of it?
Is there nothing that, although important, has already been destroyed and can no longer
be used? Do you have nothing that you cannot bear to throw out?
be used? Almost anything can be made into a clock, watch or keyholder.
Of course, it could be painted or plated.
Paper weights, letter openers. It can be made into almost anything you can think of.
It is difficult to set a price, but generally the standard is about US$60-$150.
That might seem a little expensive, but in a real sense it will be your own original.
It will be a product hand-made by a craftsman of Ota-ku, Japan.
Of course, your name or slogan can be put on it.
We think it will be by no means expensive.
First, e-mail or fax a photograph, drawing, or simple picture. Then, what would you like to make it into? For example, a paper weght with a thermometer, or a desk clock or keyholder with a watch. Do you want cut out just a part from something big and make it into something? In that case, what do you want to do with the material that is left over?
Do you want to make several mementos? Of course, we will e-mail you our own ideas and designs. And we will contact you about the price. Until then it is free.
Consult with us about anything.
Shall we make your company or shop uniform with your original goods?
Why not unify it with aluminum products bearing your original company logo on various containers, binders, notebooks, wastebaskets, desks, chairs, and shelves?
Any size or any color.
Basically, we produce to order, and the price varies depending on the lot that is ordered.
Eclipse Dev.

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